At least I could have been a cat…

People who get to know me, realize very quickly that I am NOT a holistic, earthy, touchy-feely kind of person. I will not even go sit through the schmaltzy rom-coms at the movie theatre with my girlfriends for a night out–they’ve learned not to invite me. Give me Western medicine and a pill to pop any day! So when I came upon the next item on my list, I was actually quite surprised that I went.

I went and had Intuitive Counseling & Energy Work.  In layman’s terms, I had a reading of my past lives!

I was really quite excited because I was SURE that I have been Marie Antoinette or someone equally as fabulous in a past life. Or even a cat. I live to take naps and can see in the dark, so I must have been a cat.

I came upon this adventure kind of by accident. My sister had given me a gift card to Oly Float to try their flotation therapy or “sensory deprivation” salt pools. I still had not used it and decided to look up their website and see what they had to offer. Now, the float pools would have been enough to make the adventure list, because I haven’t ever done it before, but…I kind of have an aversion to getting wet. (See, very cat-like..) But I then clicked on the “other services” tab and found a whole treasure trove of things I could try. The energy work sounded interesting, but the past lives really stood out to me. “Why the hell not?” I thought to myself and booked the first appointment I could get.

I showed up really not expecting a whole lot–really just waiting to hear what famous person I had been. Mandy, the therapist I would be with, was waiting for me. She actually looked like a normal, pleasant human. Not anything like granola-y mystic with a crystal ball I was expecting. We were off to a good start!

I sat down in her massage room and we just started talking. I told her about The Forty Adventures and all of the things I was doing. She sat and listened and then asked me what I was looking for. “I want to know what my past lives were!” I blurted out. She kind of laughed and said okay. She went over to a book shelf and pulled out a stack of energy charts and a small stick. “Is that your magic wand?” I asked jokingly. “No, but it does help me communicate and get answers to questions.” She replied. Hmmm, I was not quite sure what that meant, but I was willing to go with it. She sat back down and started looking above my head and using her wand through her fingers like a letter opener through an envelope.

“Was I a cat?” I asked, knowing for sure that she would say yes. “No.” She said. Well, poop. There went all of my cat-like thoughts and feelings right out the window. I tried again. “How about Marie Antoinette? Or someone like her? George Washington, perhaps?”      “No.” She replied again. My hopes were dashed that I was anyone of importance in a past life, but here is what she did see.

Circa 1915: A 32 year-old man in Marseille, France who was a dog trainer, and really preferred dogs to people. He loved someone from afar but due to strict societal constraints it never was to be. He died of a contagious disease.

Circa 1600s: A 40 year-old woman in Thailand who was married and had kids, but was also wealthy and a famous artist. According to Mandy, her art was beautiful and could probably be found if I did some research. She had a pretty good life.

Circa 1870: A 7 year-old boy, who was a member of the Cheyenne tribe and watched as his entire family was brutally killed by the US Calvary. He then died a horrible death not long after.

Wow… I didn’t know what to say when I heard those. Perhaps, if I am to take history into account, I may not live very much longer. So, I guess I need to make the most of the time I have left. Off to more adventures…

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