Wait, what are you doing?

If you could imagine the look on someone’s face when they say that sentence–that is the look I get from people when I tell them my ideas. But I don’t let that deter me. The Forty Adventures is going to be a year-long journey in which I do 40 new-to-me things by the time I turn 41 next year. Some will be stuff I have always wanted to do–like play the banjo. Some will be things I need to do because it is part of being an adult–writing a will. Some will be things I have been curious about, but never tried. Some will be scary, and some will be to help the greater good because helping people makes me happy.

I have to admit that I have only come up with about 7-8 things. I’m sure more will come to me as the year goes on, but I am open to suggestions. Please feel free to comment anytime! I am, also, going put up a master list with each thing and the month I completed it. To get everything done by  the end of September 2017, I need to average 3-4 (3.33 to be precise!) things per month. So… let’s get crackin’!

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