Welcome to 40…

This is the post excerpt.

I tend to always have a plan. And when I don’t, I try my best to come up with one.

Last month, I didn’t have a plan.

It was a grey, windy Monday evening and I was driving to my photographer’s house. I didn’t want to go and had already rescheduled the appointment once. I spent the day dreading going. I did not want to see the pictures I had had taken a week ago because they were not going to turn out how I had imagined in my mind they were supposed to. All of the time, energy, and money that was spent going into an epic 40th birthday celebration of me (complete with a red carpet and custom costumes) was over and all I had left was the memories of the party, the evil thoughts I spin in my head of what I could have done better, and these pictures. A depression fog had already starting to envelope me throughout the weekend making it difficult to even leave my house.  My Mom had done her best to try and convince me that it had been a wonderful party and lots people go through a kind of “let down” feeling after a big event. But I was not convinced.

I stopped at a red light and looked around at all of the signs stuck into the embankment along the side of the road. There were various political signs, billboards for new housing developements and a small handmade sign down closer to the dirt. “Baton twirling lessons” was spelled out in purple sparkly pre-cut letters one would find at any office supply store. I think the sign caught my eye because of the sparkles–I am a sucker for any type of glitter–but the baton lessons intrigued me. That sounds like fun, I thought as the light turned green and I continued on my journey. Why would I take baton twirling lessons? I’m forty now, that doesn’t seem like a very 40-ish thing to do. But why not? The tiny voice of reason and fun in my head asked. Well, maybe I could, I thought. Maybe I could learn a few new things that I have always wanted to do? Maybe I could learn a new something once a month, or… maybe I could learn 40 new things by the time I turn 41.

Welcome to the 40 adventures…


One thought on “Welcome to 40…”

  1. I hope you are past your after party blues and that you liked your photos. It Was A Wonderful Party!!! It is never too late to learn new things so why not baton twirling or anything else for that matter! ! Love you my dear friend and so happy that you are a blogger.


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